Leadership Lessons Inspired By a 6 Year Old (Nov 2016)

Non-Fiction | Leadership


In leadership, whether in IT service management (ITSM) scenarios or elsewhere, there’s sadly no operating manual for how one should lead teams effectively. And leadership training for new managers and leaders is often not part of the company budget. So how do you become an effective leader?  In my experience, new leaders will often stumble, fall, and overcome adversity in their new roles. It’s the “discovery” phase that can be somewhat overwhelming for many people. Then, as new leaders, we often overlook simplicity and overthink things when performing every day work. Leadership Lessons Inspired By a Six-Year Old You might not initially relate fatherhood to leadership but, in 2009, I was blessed with the birth of my daughter Ursula which offered me a new and somewhat unique view on developing IT service desk teams. This new way focuses on the use of storytelling and objects to help people to understand and embrace change or, more precisely, the delivery of change.

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This book is an easy read. I think the author did a good job tying in his life experiences to the lessons in the book. The lessons found throughout the chapters allow you to pause and related them to your own personal experiences. Over all, good write up of the explanations within the chapters without getting into industry jargon and techno babel. – Mark

The White House Is Fake (Oct 2017)

Fiction (With Non-Fiction Ties) | Political Thriller


It was the year 1956 with President Dwight Eisenhower signing the bill for the Federal-Aid Highway Act into law. It was also known as the National Interstate and Defense Highway Act. The law was executed on June 29, 1956 with an estimate of over 25 billion for the 41,000 miles of highway to be built. In 1957 Dwight Eisenhower modified the act to include a Presidential Protection Act. In 1992 Nelson Conrad was coming back from a fishing trip in Alexandria, VA. He walked by a DOT truck parked on the side of the road. What caught his eye was a DOT worker whirling his finger in the air. He decided to run into the woods and become invisible as he blended in with the tree line. As he watched he saw high level military men come out of a passage way under the highway. This was the beginning of something much larger. See how Nelson discovered what the Presidential Protection Act was and how the government has been lying to the American People. Learn why the DOT (Department of Transportation) was involved in this secret since 1957. It wasn’t until 2016 until this truth was to be exposed. This is the story of Nelson Conrad. Follow and watch our videos at

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Joseph McGee is a man I admire thanks to his brilliant prose as well as his ability to hook me as a reader very early on. The descriptions courtesy of McGee and specific events are fascinating and had me turning the pages with haste thanks to the overwhelming and thrilling nature of this book. Not only is McGee talented at gripping his reader, but he is also talented at keeping them thrilled and entertained thanks to his many shock twists and turns that had me doubting everything I previously thought. -Aimee Ann

Letters for Annie (TBD 2018)

Fiction (With Non-Fiction Ties) | World War II


In 2007, Annie Connerton called John Lombardo in a frantic to come visit her immediately and to bring a box of war letters dating back to the 1940’s that were in John’s possession. Upon arriving Annie told John she started to have vivid flashbacks after watching the movie, “Letters from Iwo Jima,” that was shown during a local hospice movie event at her facility. She told John she wanted to read the letters and share the Lombardo memories with him before these flashbacks go away. This was Annie’s dying wish. The legacy of Vic Lombardo, Pat Lombardo, Tony Lombardo, and John Lombardo must be told. This is the untold story of the Lombardo Family Letters.

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Reflections (TBD 2019)

Fiction | Sci-Fi



Проекта Хамелеон (Project Chameleon) – My name is Andrei Tvardovsky (Andy) and I was failed experiment by the Russian Government. My side effects include nose bleeds, blurred vision, paranoia, hostility, depression, hallucinations, and mood disturbances. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish dreams from reality.

August 12, 2015, I was awakened by a cold breeze that tickled the back of my neck. I opened my eyes and looked down at my bloody hands. I was riding a bus in Hartford, Connecticut. I don’t know how I got on the bus and I don’t know who I am. The local bus patrons seem to be talking about me. I reached in my pockets and I found a wallet and receipts for nearby gas stations. As the bus stopped the police were waiting for me. Due to my suspicious condition I was detained and brought to my home address found on my wallet.

As the detectives came out of my residence they immediately placed me upon arrest for murder. The bodies pulled from my residence were of my wife and two children.

What the Russian Government didn’t know was the experiments allowed me to see things they didn’t know I could see.

My name is Andrei Tvardovsky (Andy) and it’s my legacy to expose the Russian Government and to clear my name.

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